New Moon Cottage with Odia

New Moon Cottage with Odia

Odia and I went to visit New Moon Cottage, a cool wiccan bog and house.

Welcome to New Moon Cottage. The witches of New Moon Cottage practice home based witchcraft including spells, rituals and herbalism. The cottage is a place of refuge, renewal and creativity to explore the energies of hearth and home. Do not bring any spirits into this space unless they are in a bottle.

New Moon Cottage is right across the street from Toe Beans Cat Cafe & Rescue which we visited a couple days ago.

Also, adjacent to New Moon Cottage is The Nature Collective, which we have not visited yet.

Also, also, the Nature Collective appears to be having an October Hunt starting in a week. Seek Acorns!

The Nature Collective Fall Hunt, October 1-31. Find the acorn, find a prize.
Exploring the spell book, crystal ball & dancing pages inside the cottage. Also, Odia got new shoes.
Mesmerized in the crystal ball’s thrall.
Odia & I making a love potion at the cauldron. Or was it a revenge spell? I forget now.

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