Dancing in the street with Amber

Dancing in the street with Amber

Amber Hazel Woods

After Thursday night SLCS practice Amber Hazel Woods (BongzieHaze) and I headed over to a club she hosts at to listen to her favorite Blues DJ. And do some dancing in the street in Maddy Perennity (mehllama)’s new SLCS 15th Anniversary uniforms.

Amber Hazel Woods & Aero Bigboots


I always find it funny thinking about astronomy or listening to astronomy talks. The lifespan of the earth. The Milky Way Galaxy. The Universe. You say the word “trillion” over and over and then finally say “years” at the end.

Our human lives aren’t even a drop of water in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean compared to the depths of time. And yet we live these drops of life with great intensity.

Joy & Success.

Grappling with money, health, love, friendship, family.

Perhaps because life in the physical world isn’t always fun, we come to the virtual world to dance for a moment.

Dancing in formation with SLCS is great. But perhaps I’ve gotten used to it. It was wonderful to dance in the street with Amber and feel the freedom and power of movement.

Amber Hazel Woods & Aero Bigboots
Amber Hazel Woods & Aero Bigboots

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