I went by the CMNF Lounge on Saturday for the grand opening of Gallery 51, a new SL Art Gallery presenting the photographic works of Brooke FiftyOne. Gallery 51 is adjacent to the long-running CMNF Lounge in the Costa Lotta Region of Second Life. The dress theme was – you’ll never guess – wear purple!

Since 2011. Group for the Lounge. CMNF & CFNF – casual hangout for women who love to be naked around others & those who adore & appreciate these special sensual ladies. Relaxed friendly respectful atmosphere.Unlike most CMNF places in SL.

Women may be nude, partially nude, clothed but increasingly nude, or fully dressed. Men must be fully dressed. Well dressed preferred.

CMNF Lounge, Group Info
Gallery 51 Grand Opening Poster
Viewing Brooke FiftyOne (brooke51)’s Kicked in the Chest, Stabbed in the Face & Set on Fire at the grand opening of Gallery 51 in the Costa Lotta region of Second Life.

I asked Brooke about acquiring two of her works, Kicked in the Chest, Stabbed in the Face & Set on Fire and Valkyrie Ninja. She said that the gallery wasn’t a sales gallery, but that it did accept donations. I made a donation to the gallery and she sent the two beautiful pieces over.

You can see them on the Korean BBQ Terrace of my parcel Hayden Planetarium here:

I asked Brooke for a dance. She said she’d be happy to, “just keep it friendly?” which, apparently, not everyone does! #BadAvatar

Brooke said that she’d been a writer for years. Then she started in SL photography and the photography kick-started, or re-kick-started her writing.

She’d always felt confident in her writing. It took a while for her to feel that her photography was strong enough to start publishing it. Brooke worked on SL photography for about 5 years and slowly started to feel more sure about her work. That, and constant support from her CMNF Lounge co-owner and girlfriend Loni Greenheart (lonigale). And then, her serial stories on Flickr started to flow.

Brooke51 on Flickr

Brooke51’s Serials on Flickr

Brooke51’s recent big adventure Serials

Fair to say, Brooke’s been busy!

Dancing with Brooke51 at the CMNF Lounge in the Costa Lotta region of Second Life.

With so many serial productions under her belt now, I had to ask Brooke if she had a master plan, a “Brooke51 Extended Universe” (B51EU) so to speak. She didn’t exactly confirm or deny, but she did say that there was “a master plan in my head, sort of LOL!”

Dancing with Brooke51 at the CMNF Lounge in the Costa Lotta region of Second Life.

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