Marysville Tree Lighting Ceremony with JennyAnne

Marysville Tree Lighting Ceremony with JennyAnne

JennyAnne (JennyAnne2012) and I went to the Marysville Tree Lighting Ceremony tonight. Marysville is home to Roadkill Roller Derby and other events and venues.

Marysville Community home of Roadkill Motorsports, Roadkill Competitive Roller Derby. Roadkill Recreational Roller Derby. Bowling. Skatepark. Cottonmouth 420 Club. Carter Cinema with HIVID tv & more. Custom dirtbikes available for sale on sim!!

Parcel Details
I got to stick my mug on a tree ornament!
JennyAnne and Aero Bigboots dancing at the Marysville Tree Lighting Ceremony. The unlit tree in the upper-left is just about to light up.
3… 2… 1… Tree Lights!!!
Aero Bigboots & JennyAnne dancing under the light of the Marysville Christmas Tree.

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