Metal Hour @ Transarcadia w DJ Lynda

Metal Hour @ Transarcadia w DJ Lynda

I popped by DJ Lynda’s metal set at Transarcadia. A nice day for dancing in some shiny latex from Erik Hugo.

Selina Paulino (Selina Littlepaws), Marcia Moulliez, Kate Nova, Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch) and Arte McMuffin (artemis.kjeller) dancing at Transarcadia in Second Life

Welcome to Transarcadia. An RP place where sci-fi meets kink. We are a futuristic Sci-Fi sim with a Caste system with a heavy background of Transformation and BDSM. Be what you want to be. BDSM, Slave, Master, Mistress, Kink, Kinky, Owner, Bondage, RP, Ro

Parcel Details
Arte McMuffin (artemis.kjeller)
Marcia Moulliez
Kate Nova

I’m wearing:

  • Hugo’s Designs – Lora Bodysuit
  • Hugo’s Designs – Ilana Stockings
  • Hugo’s Designs – Nilea Heels

Latex by Hugo’s Design – some of the best fetishwear on SL: Catsuits, dresses, lingerie, bodies, corsets, stocking, gloves, hoods. shirts, pants, bras, panties, appliers. Rubber Room Latex Club, Parties /Sky:”CalWL”RegionOverride/

Parcel Details
Natalie Darkheart (nataliecurran)
Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch)
DJ Lynda spinning hot metal at Transarcadia in Second Life.

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