Smashing Cupcakes in Charly’s Face

Smashing Cupcakes in Charly’s Face

My BLFF (Best Latex Friend Forever) Charly December dropped by Coffee Time w/ DJ Agnes today. Charly was my partner in crime, latex, crime back at Kai Heideman’s latex shop Powers of Creation (POC) in those breezy pre-mesh days.

When Charly heard I was doing a barista shift at the coffee shop, she couldn’t wait to rush over and see me.

I IM’d Charly to come visit but she said,

I can’t, I don’t have anything to wear.


FFS, throw a t-shirt on and come have a cupcake!


Just a t-shirt? Or do I need bottoms too?

Charly threw something on and came by the coffee shop. She was looking a little anorexic, and I tried to feed her cupcakes. But she was on a strict diet and gave me that “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” BS.
I always say, if you can’t feed ’em, dance with ’em! So Charly and I danced to the chill tunes from DJ Agnes and burned off some of her non-existent calories.
Kate Nova and Charly December dancing at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop in the Innu Region of Second Life.
Charly December
Smoking Goat
DJ Agnes Incognito
Barista Meg Morningstar
Kate Nova and Charly December

Latex Mannequins

Back in 2009-2010 Charly and I were latex models at Kai Heideman’s shop Powers of Creation (POC). Actually, Kai didn’t call us “models”, he called us “mannequins”.

Kai “paid” us L$30/hour of modeling/mannequining in “Company Store Credit”. Many of Kai’s outfits were around L$300, so it took you 10 hours of Nvidia GeForce burning up modeling to earn 1 latex outfit. Although I had no idea back then, 2009-2010 was also the early days of Bitcoin. Instead of burnt out graphics cards and electricity bills to “mine” latex outfits, we could have been earning Bitcoins! 😛

Charly December and Kate Nova

After lots of offering, I never did get Charly to eat a cupcake. So I figured, she might as well wear one. I love smashing cupcakes into Charly’s face almost as much as eating them!

Kate Nova and Charly December at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop in the Innu Region of the real metaverse, Second Life.

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