No Dumpire w Odia

No Dumpire w Odia

Zed’s No Dumpire rooftop lounge

Odia and I metup at the rooftop lounge at No Dumpire. Zᴇᴅ (zee.malus) is the proprietor, disk spinner & barista at No Dumpire.

No Dumpire, parcel details:

hangout, chill, dance, offbeat music for adventurous folks, creative, hippie, stoner, bohemian, beatnik, oddball, eccentric, misfit, nerd, geek, freak, and weirdo persuasions) of all sizes. lgbtq friendly, scenic, photography, 420, weed, coffee, cafe

Zed’s Profile:

Dumpster Life Coach™ & Raccoonfluencer

Just a raccoon, livin’ it up big from da small side. I go where da good dumpsters and good vibez are. Traveler, Explorer, Forager, Music maniac, Blogger and part-time Spirit Animal. Livin’ for da Music. Pansnaxual, BDE (Big Dumpster Energy).

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Odia and I at Zed’s No Dumpire rooftop lounge listening to chill trax spun by Zed.

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