Cheer Camp – Sororal Values

Cheer Camp – Sororal Values

Sororal Values

Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) Cheer Camp X!

Sororal Values – 6-7 pm SLT, Monday 10 July 2023

Kyar and I organized this class together… however she wound up with a last minute Sororal Commitment in her FL… so I’ll facilitate tonight!

I want to talk as little as possible. And let you interact and brainstorm as much as possible.

Cheer Camp X – Sororal Values @ Skytower Stadium, Memorial Garden


Activity #1 – Form groups of about 4 cheerleaders each. In a moment I’ll give you a topic to explore and report back on. You can find a little corner of the memorial here and group in 4’s… or 3 or 5… as the case may be. Bonus points for grouping with cheerleaders you don’t know so well!

[18:10] Swoozy: I don’t have a group.
[18:10] Aero: Swoozy, just go to whatever group looks least likely to shank you!
[18:10] Kezz: shouldn’t that be all of them Aero?
[18:11] Aero: in theory, Kezz, yes
[18:11] Aero: but it’s SL
[18:11] Kezz: hehe
[18:11] Aero: you never know


For Activity #1, we’re going to do 3 things for 3 minutes each.

Thing #1 — before we get really going… you may know the cheerleaders in your group well… or not at all… SO… spend a few minutes to say “Hi!”, catch up, and share anything. You might like to make chat groups to make it easier.

[18:13] Ren: or… just chill if you’ve been chatting with them today
[18:13] Aero Bigboots: or braid each other’s hair!
[18:13] Mia: It’d take a year to do my hair!
[18:14] Aero: But don’t tell if you discover they have extensions!

Organizing Your Group

[18:17] Aero: OK, Now, each group should identify 2 people — a RECORDER, and a SPEAKER — your Recorder will write down all the ideas you brainstorm… and your Speaker will later share some of them with everyone
[18:18] Aero: Do we all have Recorders and Speakers?
[18:18] Ren: We have chat logs…
[18:19] Aero: chat logs can be messy… someone writing down keywords might be more efficient to work with
[18:19] Ren: bah
[18:20] Shawna: yes Aeropostale

Question #1 – Why SLCS?

[18:20] Aero: OKIES… so… each group has 3 minutes to brainstorm as many reasons as possible to answer this question….. What keeps you coming back to SLCS? What is meaningful? What do you get out of it?
[18:20] Aero: OK… GO!!!

[18:25] Aero: Okies… next step… now take your long list… discuss the ideas with your group… and pick the Top 3 reasons for your group… do that for 3 minutes… and then we’ll have each group’s Speaker share your groups feelings with everyone
[18:25] Aero: Ready…
[18:25] Aero: BEGIN!!!

[18:26] Ren: what if we’re struggling to find one reason?
[18:26] Aero: oh, Ren! I don’t believe that!

[18:27] Aero: does anyone have “Final Jeopardy” music? ^^
[18:27] Shawna: yes
[18:27] Shawna: O.O

[18:29] Aero: Your groups should be almost done picking your Top 3 reasons… and your Speaker should get ready to share with everyone!
[18:29] Aero: one more minute! 😀

[18:31] Aero: Speakers… tell us what your groups came up with!?!?!
[18:31] Dakota: I’ll go!

  1. People/New Friends
  2. Learning new things / helping one another
  3. Fun! (things to do, shenanigans)

[18:31] Swoozy:

  1. Learning something
  2. Experiencing something new
  3. Always something to do and self growth

[18:31] Alison Flow:

  1. Doing things with the friends we have here.
  2. It’s a safe place for women.
  3. The support we get from friends here.

[18:33] Rose: The general consensus in our group is that the three main reasons to keep returning to SLCS are:

  1. Friendships.
  2. Ability to perform.
  3. Having fun.

[18:34] cutie: my group said:

  1. Free uniforms
  2. Cool dance moves
  3. cutie

[18:35] Aero: Wonderful answers, everyone! Thank you!
[18:35] Aero: Are there any more groups to give us your answers?

Question #2 – SLCS Values

[18:37] Aero: OK, next question to explore — I thought we might change groups for each question, but that might be a bit of a train wreck! 😛 So let’s keep our same groups and same format: 3 minutes to Brainstorm and 3 more minutes to focus in on your main answers.

Here’s the new question: What do you think the most important values of SLCS are?
[18:37] Aero: 3 minutes to brainstorm as many ideas as you can
[18:37] Aero: GO!
[18:39] Aero: 1 more minute of brainstorming!
[18:41] Aero: OK – Phase 2 – look at your list, chat about it, and find your TOP 3 Values!
[18:41] Aero: GO!
[18:44] Aero: 1 more minute!
[18:44] Aero: Speakers, get ready to share your group’s findings!
[18:45] Rose: Oh, no! Power outage here. I might crash.
[18:45] Aero: OK
[18:45] Aero: Pencils Down! 😀
[18:46] Aero: Speakers… go ahead and share!!!

[18:46] Dakota:

  1. A welcoming sisterhood that is always mutually respectful and accepting
  2. Team Spirit
  3. Kindness

[18:46] Alison Flow:

  1. Respect
  2. Compassion
  3. Teamwork

[18:46] Dakota: Oh, I like compassion!

[18:46] Swoozy:

  1. Projecting a wholesome and respectful image
  2. Encouraging creativity of our members
  3. Teamwork

[18:46] Alison Moore: I have 3 C’s and my group is unanimous.

  1. Continuity – we have survived because we have maintained a consistent culture and have not taken the easy way out.
  2. Compromise – we are willing to not always insist on getting our own way but are always ready to listen to other members.
  3. Challenge – we are willing to take on things that are sometimes difficult to obtain.

[18:46] Shawna: impressive lists
[18:46] Sillve: very nicely said
[18:47] Aero Bigboots: great lists!! 😀

[18:47] Rose: We couldn’t choose our best three out of four. So…

  1. Friendship
  2. Teamwork
  3. Kindness
  4. Learning/teaching

[18:47] cutie: my group unanimously said .. Cutie

[18:47] Aero Bigboots: Other groups to report?

Question #3 SLCS Mission Statement

[18:49] Aero: OK — last question — same format — 3 minutes to brainstorm as many ideas as possible… and then 3 minutes to refine your answer… and then present to the group!

Here it comes… Last discussion: What is the Mission Statement of SLCS?

[18:49] Aero: Brainstorm for 3 minutes!

[18:49] Aero: GO!

[18:52] Aero: 1 more minute of brainstorming!

[18:53] Aero: OK — Refining Time — take your lists and work out a final statement for your group — What is the Mission Statement of SLCS? — 3 minutes

[18:53] Aero: GO!!!

[18:54] Alison Moore:

  1. To achieve excellence through spirit and sorority.
  2. To maintain the squad numbers at a level where we can operate efficiently.
  3. To be recognized as a main supporter/contributor to Relay for Life.

[18:56] Aero: 1 more minute
[18:56] Aero: Speakers get ready! 😀
[18:57] Aero: OK!
[18:57] Aero: Pencils down!
[18:57] Aero: Speakers… GO!!

[18:57] Dakota:

SLCS is the premiere cheer squad in SL. We pride ourselves on our reputation as great performers and our wholesome “girl next door,” family friendly image. Our goals are to create and maintain a positive, accepting, caring and compassionate sorority of sisterhood through cheerleading endeavors, while striving to aid in the growth of its members, as well as aiding others.

[18:57] Alison Flow: we have no idea what the mission statement of SLCS is or even if there is one.

[18:57] Swoozy: I found this NC in my inventory. I don’t know if it is official. I honestly don’t remember this ever being a conversation that people had, but for what it is worth – in 2018 someone created this NC entitled “2. SLCS Mission Statement:”

The mission of the Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) and it’s affiliates is to promote and uphold cheer spirit, unity and pride. Every member will represent SLCS to the highest degree and set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times (in uniform or not). All members will promote friendship with each other and with other professional cheerleading squads in the Second Life community whom we compete and perform with. SLCS Cheerleaders understand that teamwork and the maintenance of discipline is the key to success of the spirit program. They are dedicated to promoting spirit, enthusiasm, and positive attitude through example. Adherence to the SLCS rules and regulations is vital to achieve goals. All members realize that the manner, in which they conduct themselves in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire team.

[18:58] Jaycia:

Building healthier community

[18:58] Rose:

SLCS mission statement: Encourage teamwork and forge long-lasting friendships in a friendly sorority atmosphere.

[18:59] Aero: Wonderful ideas, everyone!
[19:00] Aero shouts: Any final thoughts anyone would like to share???
[19:00] Aero shouts: also — If you take pix of This Workshop… or any other Cheer Camp Workshop… please share them in our SLCS Cheer Camp Flickr Group:

[19:00] cutie: One of those statements was really beautifully put
[19:00] Alison Flow: Its not a group mission statement unless everyone is on the same page.
[19:00] Shawna: and committed

Thank You!

[19:01] Aero: Thank you, everyone!!! Lots of wonderful ideas tonight!!!
[19:01] Shawna: awesome class Aero
[19:02] Shawna: OK, Cheer Camp continues Tuesday
[19:02] Shawna: I am teaching Etiquette at 5 pm
[19:02] Shawna: And Kristina has Racing at 6 pm
[19:02] Shawna: Come out for more fun and activities!
[19:02] Aero: My fleshvatar is off on a backpacking trip tomorrow morning… so I will sadly miss the rest of Cheer Camp. But have a great time everyone, and share pix in our Flickr group!!!

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