Bloganuary 1 @ Vanessa’s Coffee Shop

Bloganuary 1 @ Vanessa’s Coffee Shop

DJ Lynda & Barista Sugarella joined me in welcoming guests to a New Year’s Day “Coffee Date with Kate” at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop in Second Life. Much coffee was slung. Donuts were eaten. And the dance floor (formerly “the deck”) was hoppin!

Vanessa’s Coffee Shop

Art Exhibit: “Second Life in Black & White” • Ice Skating & Roller Skating • Bumper Boats to explore Innu River • Animesh Babysitting • Postcard Club • Coffee, Tea & Baked Goods • Open 24/7

Parcel Details
Misti Godard Dark (darkholme2020), Rebecca Dembo, Arte McMuffin (artemis.kjeller), Kate Nova, Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch), Sugarella Adorabella (saucey.sinister) & Tiffany Mosienko (ti.mosienko).
Misti Godard Dark (darkholme2020) and Rebecca Dembo dancing on the deck at Vanessa’s Coffee Shop in the Innu region of the real metaverse, Second Life.

Rebecca runs Sappho’s Hidden Cove

Barista Sugarella Adorabella (saucey.sinister)

Sugarella is a serial designer specializing in Pink! 😀

DJ Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch)
Arte McMuffin (artemis.kjeller), Rebecca Dembo, Tiffany Mosienko (ti.mosienko) & Kate Nova
Kate Nova, Sugarella Adorabella (saucey.sinister), Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch) & Marcia Moulliez
Your Vanessa’s Coffee Shop New Year’s Day staff: Barista Sugarella Adorabella (saucey.sinister), Barista Kate Nova, and DJ Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch)


In addition to being New Year’s Day, 1 January 2023, today is also the 1st day of “Bloganuary”. It’s’s 31 Days of Blog prompts. Today’s prompt is:

I guess “Something to achieve this year” is a more progressive way of asking for everyone’s dreaded “New Year’s Resolutions.” The very 1st person to respond, Seth, wrote a simple response: do push-ups, sit-ups & squats every day of 2023 and increase by 1 every week, so I can do 52 of everything by year’s end:

Seth got me thinking about ritual. Once a week is a nice interval for going to church, reflecting on life, and many other things.

Sure, we should be mindful every day. But that’s quite frequent for ritual and other notable activities. Once a month starts to string things out. Once a week is a nice, human span.

I like Seth’s plan to focus on the 52 weeks of the year as a structure to work with. And, oh look! I just hosted a Coffee Date! What if I do 51 more? There will be a week here or there where I can’t do Sunday or whatever the official time slot becomes. But those weeks I could still substitute a weekday or afternoon. I think I’d like to give it a shot.

OK Bloganuary & Seth, you’re on. 52 Avatar Coffee Dates in 2023! Let’s see what happens. And before you ask,

It’s not a “resolution!” It’s not!! It’s not!!! It’s not!!!!

Barista dance party with Sugarella & Kate! Behind us ωυ ウー (wu.xonfor) & Agnes Incognito. Sorry about smashing you in the face with my coffee pot, Agnes!
Merope Incognito dancing with his momma Agnes Incognito.

Thank You!

A big thank you to DJ Lynda & Barista Sugarella for helping out today. And thank you to everyone who came by and had some coffee or danced a while.

And thanks, even, to the jerk who flirted with me in IM for the whole 2 damn hours without ever actually dragging his bony ass over to the coffee shop! 😛

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2023. Will it be a happy & prosperous year? What can we do now to not end up spending December talking about how much 2023 sucked and hoping for a better 2024? The national and global stuff we don’t have too much impact on. If Putin invades Ukraine, if Beijing invades Taiwan, if the United States lets everyone who isn’t a billionaire die with no health care, or get inflation priced into homelessness, all that’s mostly out of my, or your, hands. But we do “get what we give”. Be kind to people if you can. Starting with yourself. Be less lazy than Kate. Make it happen!

I believe in you.

Have a good year.

DJ Lynda Moulliez (lynda.ultsch)

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