Lynda Moulliez

Lynda Moulliez

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Lynda Moulliez (Lynda Ultsch) and I metup at the new Jitters for a cup of morning coffee.

Lynda Moulliez (Lynda Ultsch) having a morning coffee at Jitters Coffee in the Drinker Region of the real metaverse, Second Life.
Lynda Moulliez and Kate Nova sharing morning coffee at Jitters.

Jitters Coffee

Jitters Coffee is a feeling and a hope that we can all come together over a cup of your beverage of choice and have splendid conversations! Landscaped by Emm Vintner
coffee, coffee shop, jitters, peace, tea, drinker

Parcel Details
Kate Nova and Lynda Moulliez at Jitters Coffee in the Drinker region of Second Life.
Lynda starting to wake up! 😀 Feeling her body and feeling alive.
Lynda and I chatted about SL activities and she told me she loved to visit a superhero RP sim. And so I got a superhero fashion show from Lynda. First up, Wonder Woman. I asked if she took her name from Lynda Carter? She’d thought about being “Linda”, but felt it was too plain, and yes, she was inspired by Lynda Carter to choose that spelling.
While Lynda was rapid costume changing like a fashion runway pro, I did what I do best: drank espresso and stuffed my face with biscotti! Mmm! Thank you Jitters!
Lynda Moulliez (Lynda Ultsch) as Wonder Girl in an impromptu fashion show at Jitters Coffee in the Drinker Region of the real metaverse, Second Life.
Lynda Moulliez as Supergirl! The character costumes I’ve occasionally seen around SL seem old and on the crappy side. But Lynda’s costumes are totally bomb! Really nice outfits. Lynda looks great in everything!
Lynda Moulliez as Sissygirl!

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