OMG! I’m a best-selling author!?!?

OMG! I’m a best-selling author!?!?

I realize this is nearly impossible to believe, coming from someone as vain as me, but before today, I’ve never googled myself. Well, I just did and SURPRISE! I’m a best-selling author!

Perhaps you’ve read my “Gods & Monsters” trilogy: Stone Cold, Monstrous Things, & Shattered Curse? Or Strange Magic? Or one of the books from my “Crows of Carnage” series, like Songs of Sorrow?

At I learned that I am:

Kate Nova is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

You can also find my stuff on GoodReads:

Honestly, I’ve always thought I was a little bit awesome, but apparently I’m even awesomer than I thought!

I have 2 websites which, sadly, both seem to be down ATM:

I’m hopeful that I can get them up and running soon. Fortunately, this avatar site, is working just fine! #fingersCross

Meanwhile, IDK why, but I have the sudden urge to dress up in a white shirt, necktie, and pleated miniskirt. And get some hair with a few snakes in it. Your basic SL Medusa Schoolgirl Outfit! How do I not already have this!?

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