OMG! I’m a Canadian tattoo artist!

OMG! I’m a Canadian tattoo artist!

Second Life (SL) is an identity factory. Is your avatar human? Or not? The same age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity, religion, political party, and sexual identity as your fleshvatar? Or different? If different, are you exploring facets of yourself that Physical Life (PL) doesn’t have room for you to explore? Fantasy options that you wouldn’t pursue in PL? A day, or a year, “playing” an alternate life path? Or deep undercurrents of persona that maybe you do want to express in PL, but find it safer to experiment with in SL first?

I’ve known that. What I didn’t know is that The Internet, as experienced by “Googling Yourself” is also an identity factory. A list of search results is also a list of “other lives”. Of alternate identities. Of paths not taken. Of lives you might have lived.

Before this week, before January 2023, I somehow never googled myself! Well, now I have. On Tuesday I learned that I’m a best selling author! Yesterday I learned that I’m a Russian pop star! And today I’ve learned that I’m also a Canadian tattoo artist!

Kate Nova, Tattoo Artist

You can check out my work on Instagram:

You can also read some of my musings on art & life on Medium:

Kate Nova, tattoo samples

Here are a few samples of my tattoo work. Drop by my IG to see lots more!

OMG, the ultimate barista tat! “Cuppa Tea?” Hahaha! I always secretly thought I rocked, now I know I do! 😀
From a client’s actual teddy bear.
A simple, elegant, vine on a spine. (I didn’t really mean for that to rhyme, sorry! But it IS a “vine on a spine”. What a sublime meditation on the way our bodies, and our embodiment, grow and exist in the world we inhabit.)
Nape snake. (OK, I did try to rhyme that one. Probably why it doesn’t actually rhyme. Still, I love the playful simplicity of this little critter on this small, intimate part of the body. The nape of the neck isn’t covered the way so much of the rest of our flesh often is. Yet, because of hair, it’s a place that is often not seen. Or seen only fleetingly as a turn of the head or an autumn breeze reveal it briefly before hair falls once again and takes away your momentary glimpse of flesh.)

Garrith & Dublin

Apparently, I’m married to this really sweet guy Garrith. We got married on Halloween 2020, and recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary. C’mon Kade! Don’t give me that wimpery look! It’s only in some ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that hardly anybody plays. And it’s not like you ever show up to take me dancing anyway! Leave a girl alone at the coffee shop every night and you can’t expect her to wait for you forever! Can you?
From my trip to Dublin. And, obviously, from last year’s “red phase”.

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