OMG! I’m a Russian pop star!

OMG! I’m a Russian pop star!

Yesterday google informed me that I’m a best selling author! Today I learned that I’m also a Russian pop star!

Google makes me awesomer!

It’s amazing! The more I google myself, the awesomer and awesomer I seem to become! Thank you google!!!

Kate Nova / Катя Нова

Looks like Kate Nova / Катя Нова isn’t my “real” name but my “stage name” (if you don’t know, a “stage name” for fleshvatars is kind of like a “display name” for avatars! 🙂 My “real” name appears to be Екатерина Новожилова (Yekaterina Novozhilova)

Kate Nova on Sound Cloud
aww, look at me showing off my CD!
Set list for one of my shows! 😀

Kate Nova / Катя Нова (the Russian pop star) Social Media

Письма без ответа (Letters without reply)

Here’s 2 versions of my song Письма без ответа (Letters without reply). Both live, but the first a simple, at home acoustic version, and the second an electric version at a concert:

Письма без ответа (Letters without reply) Acoustic, home version.
Письма без ответа (Letters without reply) Electric, concert version.

Kate Nova / Катя Нова October ’22 Concert

Poster for my October 2022 concert! Woo!

Сегодня у меня день Рождения✨, спасибо за поздравления и такие тёплые пожелания, предлагаю встретиться и отметить концертом 21 го октября в Москвариуме)
«Приглашаю вас на свой сольный концерт! Я долго аккумулировала новую музыку и наконец готова её отпустить, особенно сейчас, особенно на концерте 21 го числа, создав атмосферу добра, музыки, Мира и красоты. Нам всем нужна светлая энергия, надеюсь всем), приходите зарядиться музыкой.»

Kate Nova, Facebook, 10 October 2022

Today is my birthday✨, thanks for the congratulations and such warm wishes, I propose to meet and celebrate with a concert on October 21 at the Moskvarium)
“I invite you to my solo concert! I have been accumulating new music for a long time and I am finally ready to let it go, especially now, especially at the concert on the 21st, creating an atmosphere of kindness, music, Peace and beauty. We all need light energy, I hope everyone), come recharge with music.”

Kate Nova, Facebook, 10 October 2022 (English translation by Google Translate)

I don’t actually remember writing that. And IDK how I posted it on FB since THIS Kate Nova is banned from FB. (I made an account, posted 2 G-rated pictures, and was banned 30 minutes later. FB hates avatars. (Please don’t use it!))

Anyway, it looks like I, or my doppelganger, did write it. And, aww, my birthday! 🙂

More Kate Nova music videos!

Here’s a few more of “my” videos. You can find lots more on “my” YouTube channel!


Sometimes I perform live!
Sometimes I sing in the stairwell.
And sometimes I make fancy, produced videos.
And sometimes I even get to wear blue lipstick! (what am I? An avatar in Second Life!? 😛
And sometimes I just have to rock the TikTok house!
My gig for
Love the apron & bow-tie! My new barista uniform!!
My album cover! In Cyrillic!
My album cover! In English!

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