Okemo Nakiska & Southern Railway

Okemo Nakiska & Southern Railway

I was looking for places to ice skate and I wound up riding around on the Okemo Nakiska & Southern Railway through a giant swath of snow regions in SL’s Southern Mainland area. Riding through region after region of frozen tundra brought up different feelings and ideas: The Ice Fortress at the end of Inception; Being in Hong Kong and riding the KCR – the Kowloon-Canton Railway.

I dropped by Jenny / Bello Foxclaw’s sweet Nevermelts Lodge for a little ice skating.

Nevermelts Lodge

It all started when I dropped in on Jenny Bello Foxclaw’s lovely 2048 parcel, The Nevermelts Lodge.

Ice skating at Jenny Bello Foxclaw’s backyard ice rink.
I signed Jenny’s guest book!

Jenny opened her guestbook in Dec 2018 and in these 3 years there have been 32 guest postings, counting the one I left today. Here are a few samples:

I’m new to second life and found your place while wandering this snow city. can I come back to visit? It’s just so nice and relaxing. and oh yeah your backyard is magical!


Thank you for making such a pretty place open to the public. It is beautiful.

Alabama String

This place is so freaking perfect. I wish I had a place like this to relax in. Amazing 10 out of 10!


A beautiful winter lodge you have and its beauty made more by you welcoming strangers in. The winter gardens are stunning, truly magical. Best wishes from England to you and your loved ones xx

Elllie Snowbear

Okemo Nakiska & Southern Railway

After enjoying the Nevermelts Lodge I walked a short distance on a paved road that ended shortly. Parallel to the road was a train track that seemed to go on forever. I walked the tracks from the Nevermelts Lodge in Benham to the next station in Okemo Canyon.

On the Tommy & Mary Makem Memorial Bridge

At Okemo Canyon there were shops and information boards and the bridge over the tracks was dedicated in the memory of Tommy & Mary Makem. After reading Tommy & Mary’s story, I waited for the train and hopped on. The train carries on heading toward the southern end of the SL mainland continent.

Riding the Okemo Nakisku & Southern Railway… Southward ho!

Land’s End @ Klaw

The railway doesn’t quite make it to land’s end at Klaw, instead the last stop is just a kilometer shy of that with the last station at Smithers Bluff.

Northern End @ Wengen

After exploring the southern end of the line I hopped back on the train and rode north. I passed a number of stations, passed the Nevermelts Lodge, and rode on to the northern end of the ONSR line at Wengen.

There’s a ski lift and a free skis & poles giver right by the train station at Wengen, so I geared up and rode up the mountain.

Skiing down the slopes at Wengen near the end of the ONSR line.
I discovered that there are two different trains that run on this line. The ONSR trains and also this Wengen Okemo Gorge train. I rode the route again, this time in one of the Okemo Gorge cars.
I rode the Okemo Gorge train south to Smithers Bluff again, and then back north to Wengen again. At the last stop at Wengen I was just about to hop off the train when — instead of heading south once more as I expected — the train suddenly transmogrified into a pod! The pod continued off the tracks hovering along yet more of the SL mainland’s frozen south.
The pod traveled all over the south. After a while it metup again with the train tracks. And after another while I jumped off when I saw EmilyWand’s AR Books & Coffee shop.

Emily Wand’s AR Books & Coffee

In addition to hosting her own cool AR Books & Coffee shop, EmilyWand also blogs & vlogs about other great shops, and other things. Check out her website!

Meg and I hung out at EmilyWand’s AR Books & Coffee for a long time working on our blog posts.

Second Life WIki

The Second Life wiki has some info on the Okemo Nakisku & Southern Railway:

ONSR was initially a private build, mostly by Veronica Quackenbush. She acquired the right of way through several sims over several years. Kitto Flora scripted the cars and and switches in Smithers Sim for her.

Later Kitto Flora was temporarily commissioned by Linden Lab to build the extension of the ONSR to the Wengen Sim. The ONSR now runs across 13 sims and serves 10 stations. A round-trip takes about 22 minutes.


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