Dancing with Karisma at Organica

Dancing with Karisma at Organica

Meg Morningstar in a plum blazer and gold heels dances with Karisma in a gold outfit and tall heels at Organica Club on Happy Clam Island in Second Life.
Dancing with Karisma at Organica

Karisma Adamski (nylonboi)

I used to dance at Organica years ago. It was this amazing place with a chill vibe, nice people and trance music. Organica had an easy hippie sensibility that was so great. Since dropping back into SL in 2020 I’d forgotten about Organica and hadn’t heard the name. Till tonight. I think I saw the name pop up in SL Destinations and I headed over. As magical as ever.

After I’d been there for a while Karisma came by. It turns out for their very first time. Serendipitously we’d both arrived at this amazing forest dance club on the same night.

forgive me, but something that i enjoy doing is visiting a new place filled with new people that have energies i have never felt and to open myself to them, some are strong, some are weak.. in this room i instantly feel compelled to you, drawn.. maybe a universal unknown or maybe it is as simple as an affinity for red, but i can feel you and your energy is radiant and positive in the most spectacular of ways, i hope you are having a wonderful night .. sorry if this was odd.. its kinda my thing 😛 ♥

Karisma Adamski


We danced and talked and had a lovely night.

Instant BFFs.

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