Namy & Pop Pop

Namy & Pop Pop

Namy (namywamy) & Pop Pop chatting at The Pink Institute

I dropped by The Pink Institute to loiter for a bit. Lots of great avatars as always. I especially liked Namy & Pop Pop who I noticed chatting.

☆☆ Ready to lose control ☆☆
✦ Premium Content✦

Slide into my IM’s and tell me what to do ♥
You speak, I obey

Pop Pop’s Profile About Me


Hey there!
I’m a young and confident domme from Sweden, exploring all the amazing things in Second Life.

When I’m not taking care of my wonderful sub, you can find me draining some poor cuck, fucking some cock, or chatting with friends.

I’m looking for interesting and open-minded people to share my experiences with and create new memories.
Let’s connect and see where our journey takes us!

Namy’s Profile About Me

== Arbitrary Test Results ==

81% Stupid
37% Pancake
1% Responsible
25% Lychee
99% Cute
76% Perverted
60% Awesome

Results from test are likely to be completely fabricated.

from Pop Pop’s Picks

Come and sink into Pink! (Strictly Adults Only)
bimbo, hypnosis, transformation, mindcontrol, latex, doll, brainwash, fetish, feminization, femdom, shemale, sissy, bull, cuck, hypno, mistress, bdsm

Pink Institute, parcel details

Pop Pop has a great name! I discovered that the last name “Pop” was only available for 1 week! From 17-25 June 2021 Linden Lab offered the “Limited Edition Father’s Day Last Names”:

  • Daddy
  • Pop
  • Sire

Apparently Pop Pop was really on the ball and snatched her great name. Woo! 😀

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