Hero Blessed

Hero Blessed

Hong Kong, not

The Second Life Grid Survey reports that at the time of this writing, SL consists of 27,453 regions. A region is a pretty big piece of land. A quarter kilometer by a quarter kilometer or 6.5 hectares of land.

Grid Survey also reports that the total number of residents across SL’s 19 years of existence is 66 million (66,888,808). On any given hour between 35,000 and 50,000 avatars are logged in to the SL grid.

You’ll notice that the number of avatars logged in is less than 2x the number of regions. If avatars were distributed evenly, there’d be about 1.6 avatars on every 6.5 hectares of virtual land. Avatars are not distributed evenly. Big dance clubs like Furzona, big cosmetic surgery outpatient clinics like LeLUTKA, and big shopping malls like Colabor88, all host many dozens of avatars. Which means that at any given hour, there are vast worlds of SL regions that are completely uninhabited. SL is the opposite of dense physical world cities like Tokyo, Mumbai, or Hong Kong.

Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront

Given all those thousands and thousands of empty regions, what are the chances of dropping into a coffee shop like Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront in the Valeyard region of Second Life and running into an avatar friend you haven’t seen in 13 years?

Apparently, pretty good.

Cat, Kate, and Odia by the waterfront at Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront in the Valeyard region of the real metaverse, Second Life.

Odia and I grabbed some coffee from Jitters (she says I’m addicted) and found a table by the waterfront. That orange tabby cat stared at the water the whole time. But never caught anything. When we were finished we meandered back toward Jitters.

Hero Blessed

And who does Odia run into but her old friend Hero Blessed!

Hero Blessed, Kate Nova, and Odia Busch on a waterfront landing at Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront.

For two people who hadn’t seen each other in 13 years, it was amazing how quickly they were able to launch into a photo sending flurry of all their old antics! Can it be that SL inventory search actually works?

We decided to go up to the coffee shop and take a little group photo on the sofa.

Hero Blessed, Kate Nova, and Odia Busch on the sofa at Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront. Photo by Hero Blessed.

Turns out Hero and her fiancé Harper had taken an engagement photo on that sofa earlier in the day, which is how Hero came to be there. Odia and I were there because of my aforementioned coffee addiction.

Hero Blessed, Odia Busch, and Kate Nova. Photographs by Hero Blessed.
Kade Franco, Kate Nova, Hero Blessed, and Odia Busch by the fireplace at Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront.

Kade Franco

Then this dapper guy Kade came by and visited with us. I never actually got a straight answer to whether or not he was seeing anyone. He’s kind of the mysterious, quiet type. He did say he’d be up for getting tacos sometime. And I might need a wedding date. So, I think it’s all good.

Hero Blessed, Kade Franco, Odia Busch, and Kate Nova having hot pretzels at Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront.

Hot Pretzels

Finally I dragged everyone over to get some of Jitters grid-famous hot pretzels. Also those seats are closer to Jitters’ free WiFi so I could get this blog post out.

What are the main reasons peeps come to SL? I’ll take a wild guess:

  1. Kinky stuff
  2. Shopping
  3. Dancing
  4. Photography
  5. Any RP not covered by the above

What are the main reasons Kate comes to SL?

  1. Coffee
  2. Pretzels
  3. Coffee
  4. Black Forest Cake
  5. Coffee

You virtually haven’t lived till you’ve experienced a slice of Zazie Daviau’s Black Forest Cake!

Jitters Coffee Shop and Waterfront

Grab a coffee and enjoy the waterfront. The weather is always perfect and the wifi is free. Join group for rez rights.

Jitters Coffee is a feeling and a hope that we can all come together over a cup of your beverage of choice and have splendid conversations!
All are welcome – Come, bring your friends – bring your enemies ..this is a safe space to come together.
coffee, tea, gathering, peace, books, cafe

A Good Day

It seems like both Odia and Hero had stressful days out in the physical world. So nice that something sweet happened here in the metaverse.

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