In Praise of Black Bras

In Praise of Black Bras

What else do you need? Black bra; black denim; world domination!

two avatars dancing in the virtual world Second Life
Dancing with Guillermo at Las Muchachas in SL.
Kate wears:
Bra: Erratic/Maitreya – Reve Ebony Bra
Denim: Maitreya Vintage Jeans Low-Waist #7 (Flat)
Shoes: Coco Open Toe Mules

White Bra? Honey, no!

What’s even the point of wearing a white bra? Or “nude”? Just some uncomfortable thing invisible under your blouse or dress? In the Physical World (PW) some women spend a lifetime searching for a bra that is comfortable and fits great. Even if you figure out what your true size is, the next label will make that size different! We avatars have it a bit easier. Don’t even get me started on the convenience of virtual laundry!

Black Bra, Honey go!

Unleash your inner beauty! Virtual beauty may be a bit easier to come by than beauty in the PW. Still, it takes time and money to transform yourself from “Count Chocula” or whatever the latest SL Starter Avatar is, to the awesomeness of you as you are today! Don’t hide it under boring clothes! Find one great black bra and radiate your energetic essence.

Kate Nova wears a black bra, shiny leggings, and dances energetically at Second Life's Club D-Block
Kate Nova dancing at Club D-Block in the real metaverse, Second Life
Kate wears:
Bra: Mug Jade
Leggings: Nerido Bella
Heels: Phedora Zoey Platforms

The Black Bra

One great black bra is all anyone needs!

And if one is good, 14 is even better!

Why? Because it’s SL! #moreIsNeverEnough

Kate Nova wears a black bra and shiny leggings. She stands in a dark bog at New Moon Cottage in the virtual world of Second Life
If you find yourself traversing a forest or bog to attend a Bal Masqué and encounter a mysterious figure in a black bra… it’s probably me.
Kate wears:
Bra: Erratic Sarka
Leggings: Nerido Bella
Mask: Illusions Civetta Musica Mask


Is fourteen black bras too many? I don’t think so.

  • Third Love suggests a minimum of 8
  • Coobie says a minimalist can get away with only 7 bras, but there are no minimalists in SL, are there?
  • Parade says you should have 11
  • Glamour says the average woman owns 16

16!? I’d better get shopping!

Glamour also says that the average PW woman spends about US$4,000 on bras in her lifetime. You do the math: that’s about L$1 million on bras!

Glamour also notes that a bra saved the life of a 57-year-old woman in Detroit!

The article doesn’t mention the bra’s color. I’m betting: black!

Infographic of Kate Nova and her 14 black bras. The bras explode in space around Nova's body.
My collection of black bras. 14’s not a lot! Is it?
Line illustration of Kate Nova and bras, numbered to coordinate with the brand and style listing in the post below.
My black bras, numbered, for convenient shopping!

Kate’s Black Bra Collection

  1. Mug – Jade
  2. Erratic – Sarka
  3. Erratic – Colette
  4. Dhoma – Leda
  5. Erratic – Celeste
  6. Dhoma – Helen
  7. Erratic – Christina
  8. Dhoma – Voxie
  9. Erratic – Delice
  10. Erratic – Cecilia
  11. Erratic – Eden
  12. Erratic – Irina
  13. Erratic – Scarlett
  14. Dhoma – Alice

Purveyors of fine Black Bras

Shop Locations

Shops Online

Photo Locations

Kate’s Avatar Evolution

Dramatic, graphic novel-like image of Kate Nova and her black bra collection flying forward from an explosive background.
Kate Nova feeling the magical power of the black bra!
Kate Wears:
Black Bra + Thong: Mug Jade
Heels: Phedora Zoey Platforms

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