Intervention Time?

Intervention Time?

Now that my daughter Odia is a grown woman, the bulk of our relationship consists of her updating her momma’s embarrassing wardrobe choices.

Pale, goth skin is over mom! You look like you’re trying to be a teenager at Hot Topic!

Your hair looks awful mom! Let me take you to a salon!

You’re too short mom! Maybe try stretching a little?

Have the tables finally turned? Precious Odia just spent three days at the SL “2022 Holiday Shop & Hop” where she visited 320 shops spread across 16 regions and collected piles of discounted & free loot!

I • N • T • E • R • V • E • N • T • I • O • N time???

Kate Nova & Odia Busch admiring Odia’s shopping haul at her parcel “Odia and Donna Home Land” in the Ampollino region of Second Life.

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