Corrie, Amber, Luna & Kylie

Corrie, Amber, Luna & Kylie

Corrie Jean Fairfield (, ღ Amber Hazel K. Rivers ღ (bongziehaze), Luna Geordie (lunara.atheria), Kylie Solus (chuckye.baker), and I went shopping for $hoes!!!

Of course, with Dancer Luna + DJ Amber, the trip will have to feature an impromptu dance segment!

Luna & Amber dancing at Phedora shoes.
Corrie & Aero at Phedora shoes.

We all got Phedora’s new “Kim” ankle boots. They’re big and bad! Corrie wanted a different outfit to go with her new boots so we went to Addams Clothing.

And then at Addams Luna started dancing. And then Amber started DJing. And then it kind of turned into a big flashmob dance party!

Corrie, Corrie’s Animesh Monkey, Amber, Aero, Luna at Addams Clothing.
And then somebody said we should all put uniforms on. And then Kylie came and joined us.
And then kind of everybody came and joined us!
Dance party @the Shopping Mall!
We took the dance party to Blueberry!
And finally to SL Burning Man!

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  1. When the power great of minds come together, amazing things happen. A recipe is only as good as its ingredients. We are only the bakers. Today we made some damn good Cookies!

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