Kiki Meowmix & I head to Truth Hair to cut my bangs!

Kiki Meowmix & I head to Truth Hair to cut my bangs!

I met Kiki Meowmix at SLCS practice tonight. We wore Maddy’s cool Winter Cheer catsuits. These outfits have hoods so we had to take our own hair off and wear hood-fitting hair. Being a totally non-vain cheerleader, of course I didn’t mind at all cutting off my precious locks, or wearing hair with no base and less volume than I’m used to. Not at all! I’m a professional!

Two avatars, Aero Bigboots and JoAnne Royal in a Santa Costume stand on a snowy stage in the virtual world Second Life.
At practice tonight I got to pose with JoAnne as Santa!!
Image of Second Life Cheerleading Squad member Amber Hazel K. Rivers (BongzieHaze) wearing a gold catsuit. She has red hair with bangs and two bright white pom poms.
Amber made her hood hair look way better by adding some bangs!
Kiki Meowmix at a Sceond Life Cheerleeading Squad performance in the virtual world Second Life.
We had a bunch of cool peeps watching and dancing along with us tonight. Among them, Kiki Meowmix (nikita.moonshadow). Kiki had pretty hair, also with great bangs.

Amber… Kiki… Amber… Kiki… OMG!!!

I had the sudden, horrifying realization that I don’t have any hair with bangs!!! How have I survived this long in SL under such unbearable conditions!

Kiki and I started chatting about this-and-that after practice. I popped over to Doux to look at David’s big book of hair styles. I kind of feel like LeLUTKA-Legacy-Doux have won so many designers hearts and sorta taken over the grid. Even though personally I’m still true to my Lara school. But I am a Doux girl!

I realized that David hardly ever cuts bangs! I popped over to Stealthic and was similarly disappointed.

Then I went to Truth and tried Mischief. Kiki and I were still chatting away in IM and I asked her where her sweet hair was from. She said she was wearing Tierney from Truth.

Hahaha, I’m at Truth now!

TRUTH HAIR is home to hundreds of hairstyles with a huge range of styles and colors! Free demos provided. Visit

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Parcel Details
Advertising poster for Truth Hair's new "Twisted" style. The poster shows two women each wearing the new long, twisted braid style.
I sent Kiki the photo for Truth’s newest hair, Twisted. I love the contrast when someone with pale skin dyes their hair black like in the first picture.

Kiki came by to hang out and try on Twisted. I gave her some of Maddy’s glühwein which kept us warm on this chilly December evening.

Aero Bigboots and Kiki Meowmix drinking glühwein and playing with hairstyles at Truth Hair in the Truth region of Second Life.
Aero Bigboots and Kiki Meowmix (nikita.moonshadow) sipping Maddy Perennity’s glühwein and trying on hairstyles at Truth.
Aero Bigboots trying on different styles from Truth Hair. The photo is a composite of 4 pictures of Aero in different hairstyles: Mischief, Tierney, Alias & Trinket, all by Truth Hair.
I tried on 4 different bangs cuts at Truth: Mischief, Tierney, Alias and Trinket. Each adorbs in its way. Tierney was the pretty hair Kiki wore, plus it’s got this optional crystal crown! Trinket comes with a pair of sweet barrettes. When I took my high school yearbook photos my mamma told me to “embrace volume” else forever be known as a pinhead. I’ve been trying to embrace as much volume as possible ever since that day. As best as I recall, the pinheads from high school yearbook fell off the edge of the earth and have never been heard from since. I live in daily terror of accidentally inviting such a dreadful fate. I think Tierney might have the most volume. In the end, I couldn’t resist the allure of Mischief’s waves for days!
Aero Bigboots admiring Kiki Meowmix' new "twisted" hairstyle.
Kiki got the Truth Twisted hair! And she got creative dying it. She mixed 50% level 7 red-copper with 50% level 8 red-gold to get this radiant tone! And she taught a lesson to Aero Embrace Volume Bigboots! Her braids are vibrant! But they don’t take over everything the way big hair can do. The modest volume with the gorgeous copper color just makes Kiki’s skin glow! I love the way it features her face, ears, shoulders and chest.

While we were talking my computer sound suddenly started doing this loud “broken record” thing. Before I could figure anything out the whole machine crashed and restarted itself. When I came back I mentioned that I’d been crashing lately with Windows 11/Firestorm. Kiki said she’d also been crashing lately with Windows 10/Linden Lab Viewer.

She likes the LL Viewer because you get updates the fastest and it’s lighter than Firestorm. I mentioned I’ve been using Genesis Viewer lately. Genesis misses a lot of nice Firestorm features, but is a lot lighter, and seems to have less lag, higher frame rates, avatars rez faster, and less hijinks at region crossings.

Kiki said she also doesn’t wear jewelry to keep lag down. That, and it’s not really her look. The no-jewelry no-makeup look suits her and her naturally beautiful skin just seems to glow.

Kiki Meowmix admiring Aero Bigboots new "Mischief" hairstyle.
I got Truth Mischief. Maybe it will get me into some.

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