a name for Jezzabelle

a name for Jezzabelle

I met Jezzabell (Bleakblade Resident) at, where else, The Pink Institute. Actually, before I met her F2F… or is it “Avatar Face to Avatar Face”? AF2AF? I met her a couple days ago in The Pink Institute Chat where she, ɱēɾćɩē (bleakblade), asked for help finding a new name. She sent this photo and said,

Wat name would you give this bimbo? Mercie doesn’t fit, right?

Wat name would you give this bimbo? Mercie doesn’t fit, right?

Ever since my days as a latex mannequin at Kai Heideman’s shop Powers of Creation (POC) I’ve been a sucker for a girl who drools. We started chatting in time-delay-IM since we kept logging on at different times.

We finally metup today at The Pink Institute
We went over to Jitters Coffee to warm up with some hot coffee by the fireplace. And to work on Mercie’s new name. We played with a couple variations of Jezebel. I thought 2 z’s would be nice since I liked “Jezz” better than “Jez” as a short name. We went with “Jezzabell”. After she changed it I thought about how she’s a girly-girl and that Jezzabelle would be better. So we can add the final “e” in 6 days. I hope I still know her in 6 days! It is SL after all! 😛
Kate Nova and Jezzabelle (Bleakblade Resident) warming up by the fireplace at Jitters Coffee.
After Jezzabelle got her new name we went over to Betty Tureaud’s dance party and hung out for a while.

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