Today’s Distraction: Khloe Bunny

Today’s Distraction: Khloe Bunny

Today’s Distraction Ќɧℓσε Vαиιէŷ (Khloe Bunny) wearing an Inithium Kupra body with lots of extras. As I’ve said before, huge implants are not new to SL. And yes, there were really tight corsets ages ago. Still, I don’t recall ever seeing these curves-for-days wasp waist bodies in the past.

Here, Khloe lights up the already vibrant scene at The Pink Institute.

Come and sink into Pink! (Strictly Adults Only)
bimbo, hypnosis, transformation, mindcontrol, latex, doll, brainwash, fetish, feminization, femdom, shemale, sissy, bull, cuck, hypno, mistress, bdsm

Parcel Details
Ќɧℓσε Vαиιէŷ (Khloe Bunny) at The Pink Institute in Second Life

Like… HIYA Giggles, I’m Khloe and im insanely HAWT!

Love shiney stuffs and like being luvvy with Synnah, Barbie and Kyra cause we is totes like the hawtest and they mean the world to me mmmhmm!

Dont have to worry about a thingie cause when yewr as hawt as I am thats all that matters.

Annnd… like I so luvs my huge fake bewbs! like plastic is the bestest!

Kisses !

Khloe Vanity’s SL Profile

Khloe was sweet when I said hello. Since she’d made a point of “I so luvs my huge fake bewbs” in her profile, I couldn’t resist asking:

  • KATE: Are your bewbs real??
  • KHLOE: No babes, they aren’t. They are like so full of plastic! *giggles*
  • KATE: I love plastic!
  • KHLOE: Omg mee tools!!!! Oh like yew should see thems when I like don’t have anything on babes. There totes like bowling ballz
  • KHLOE: I’m on mobile so I can’t see much babes sorreeee. Like yew totes don’t need to think when yewr this hawt
      Khloe Vanity at The Pink Institute in the Naughty by Nature Region of Second Life.

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