Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden

Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden

In February 2011 Srooc Skytower was the trainer for a new class of SLCS trainees: Aero Bigboots, Abbie Bulloch, Alexis Neiers, JennylJameson, Jolene Piers, Kitten, LadyLoveCatnip, LegitAbby Resident, Lyric Lacourte & Nicole. We didn’t know it then, but we were lucky enough to be taught by an SLCS legend.

During my long hiatus away from SLCS Srooc’s fleshvatar passed away on 6 March 2014. When I later returned I discovered Facebook posts about the squad mourning her passing. The stadium at Cheertopia had been renamed “Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium” and a memorial garden had been erected up on the 1st level of the stadium. The memorial garden honors Srooc, other cheerleaders, and SLCS friends who have passed.

SLCS February 2011 Trainee Class. Trainer Srooc Skytower chatting with my classmate Jolene Piers. The 3 in the background are also Feb’11 trainees: LadyLove Catnip, my BCFF Abbie Bulloch, and me, Aero Bigboots. The month before I was an SL teen and I hired Adriana Princess to make SLHS uniforms for me and my friends. In the process of searching for Adriana Princess to make our uniforms I also discovered SLCS. When I interviewed with SLCS Captain Bella Szentmartony-Violet she told me that SLCS didn’t accept teens and that I’d have to age up to join the squad. So Big Aero, Abbie and a total of 8 of us started training with Srooc. I was constantly amazed at how Srooc just seemed to know everything. Of Srooc’s 8 trainees, 6 finished and made it to Panels, and all 6 were accepted as new SLCS Cheerleaders.
If you’ve ever heard that school phrase “Big Man on Campus”, Srooc was the “Big Cheerleader in the Stadium”. She seemed to know everyone and everyone seemed to love her. Here’s Danielle proposing to Srooc on Valentine’s Day 2011. If you zoom in on Danielle’s cheek you’ll notice that she used spirit gum to glue little red rhinestones on her cheek to spell “I ♥ U”.
Kathi Charley’s Facebook post about the ceremony SLCS held in Srooc’s memory.
One tiny pom-pom on the field at Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium bursting forth with hundreds of pieces of colorful taffeta. Just like one big cheerleader, Srooc Skytower, burst forth and inspired hundreds of cheerleaders.
Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden in the Cheertopia Region of Second Life.

Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden

Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden is a circular monument built on a Italian terrazzo floor of water-worn pebbles. Set in the floor are four parallel reflecting pools and a fifth moon pool. At the 12 o’clock position is a travertine plinth dedicated to Srooc. Surrounding it is a series of 12 marble plinths with the names of other Cheerleaders and SLCS Friends who have passed. The terrazzo monument is incised in a ring of birch trees.

At the time of this writing, the plinths, starting at 9 o’clock and going clockwise to 3 o’clock, read:

Shorahmin Femto, Friend of the Squad

Doc Wayward, Friend of the Squad

Lian Delwood, SLCS

Shelara Mills, SLCS

Tillie Haas, SLCS

Shyt3mptrist Resident, SLCS

Jenzzul Resident, SLCS

Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden

Those we love don’t go away

they walk with us everyday

still loved

still missed

Srooc Skytower, Sr. Co-Captain, SLCS

Parys Panache, SLCS

Py Loon, SLCS

Fjona Capalini, SLCS

Patio Plasma, Friend of the Squad

Lollyann Resident, Friend of the Squad

Daiseze Dahlstrom, SLCS

Nicole Smiley, SLCS

Katie Falconer (katieirish), SLCS

Aero Bigboots at Srooc Skytower Memorial Garden in the Cheertopia Region of the real metaverse, Second Life.
SLCS practice on a midfield stage at Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium in the Cheertopia Region of the real metaverse, Second Life.

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