Battle Championship Wrestling Starfest!

Battle Championship Wrestling Starfest!

SLCS’s own Lia Duffield-Warblood (opheliaautumn) & Rena Kadoya (syrena.macpherson) brought Battle Championship Wrestling’s supercard “Starfest” event to Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium today. There were some amazing matches and Rena vs Lia was the main event!

Comentators Trixie and Benja!
In the house: Nick Syn, Swoozy, Regtro Sally, Esme Baphomet.
The Main Event: Lia vs Rena

All the previous matches were in an open ring. But for the final match of the day, Lia vs Rena, they lowered a huge, two-story cage over the ring.

Cage Match!

The commentators, Trixie and Benja, were terrified when Rena & Lia took the match up to the top of the cage. They were worried that they’d fall off the cage and tumble down to their doom. Well, they did eventually fall! But wrestlers are tough! They just kept going!

Rena stomping on Lia!
Rena knocking Lia to the ground! That’s gotta hurt!
In spite of a power performance from Rena, Lia prevailed and got to take the big, fancy belt home!

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