Secret Santa Party

Secret Santa Party

HєαϮɦєʀ Λsɦƒσʀd ΛʀɪsϮσςʀᴀϮ (heatherashford), Rebecca Dembo-Dezno (rebecca.dembo), Hero Blessed, Panda Vortex, and I metup at my little skybox for a Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

Rebecca and Heather rockin some power black and red outfits!
Panda having a yummy cherry pentagram tart which, oh lookie, matches the pentagram she incised in her chest!
Rebecca trying on the cute dress that Heather got for her.
Heather opening the box of goodies I gave her.
Kate and Hero chillaxin. I seem to be excited about something.
Heather and I trying the “Wandering Hands” dance animation I gave her. You dance for a while and then I slyly slip my hands on her butt and she moves them off. I suppose a more “realistic” SL animation might go the opposite way! 😛
Panda trying on the suit and mask that Hero got for her.
The back of Panda’s new suit has the perfect opening to show off the tat that Panda designed herself! 😀 Woo!
Clockwise: Kate, Rebecca, Heather, Hero, Panda
Panda’s Secret Santa person, Fleur, wasn’t able to make it, so Panda showed us what she got. Amazing wings!
Heather and I trying out my new Boudoir sofa. She says kneeling in money is hot!

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