Standing with Sayrah Parx

Standing with Sayrah Parx

Sayrah Parx is the Sentinel of Skytower Stadium. At the Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) in the Cheertopia region of Second Life you’ll often find Sayrah standing on a mid-level stadium deck keeping a watchful eye over the stadium.

Did you ever see that old Jessica Alba TV show “Dark Angel”? (2000-2002) The opening credits of each episode featured a shot of her sitting on top of the Seattle Space Needle keeping a watchful eye over her city.

Jessica Alba, Dark Angel

Sometimes I think of Sayrah Parx a little bit like Max, Alba’s character in Dark Angel. And every now and then I like to stand with Sayrah.

Standing with Sayrah Parx – 16 January 2022

I didn’t know it on 16 January 2022, but that was the day I started “Standing with Sayrah”. It was simple. Nothing special. She was on the deck and I just stood with her for a while.

Aero Bigboots and Sayrah Parx at the Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) stadium in Second Life
Aero + Sayrah @ Skytower Stadium

Sayrah Parx’ Rezday

Then on 14 July 2022, Sayrah Parx’ 14th Rezday, she wore her SL Starter Avi, “Girl Next Door” (GND). GND was my starter avi too. I put my old dress and hair on, but kept my mesh body! 😛

Second Life Cheerleading Squad members Sayrah Parx and Aero Bigboots wearing "Girl Next Door" SL Starter avatars.
Polka dot dresses, yes! Can I get this in a brighter, less muddy pink???

Athlima Blue

And the twins dressup project was on! Here we are in Lumyai’s Athlima Blue SLCS Uniform.

Sayrah Parx and Aero Bigboots at the entrance to SLCS' Skytower Stadium in the virtual world Second Life.
Athlima P&N Blue SLCS Uniform by Lumyai. Charisma & Personal Power by Sayrah & Aero! 😀

Athlima Black

And Lumyai’s Athlima Black!

Two cheerleaders in black cheer uniforms and with black and gold pom poms.
Lumyai’s P&N Black uniform with exciting pom poms!

Drill Team Mashup

Sometimes Sayrah wears a mashup of pieces from SLCS Drill Team Uniforms.

Cheerleaders in blue uniforms.
Drill Team: Sayrah Blend! “All that Glitters” top + “Kayla” skirt, both by ღ Lôʀєlєi кєssєι Fιôw ღ (loreleileekessel). Shoes by Lumyai.

Pink Crop + Denim Shorts

Sayrah Parx and Aero Bigboots wearing bright crop tops and denim short shorts.
top by Mᴀʀᴛɪ (lia.mercury) + shorts by Alex Valentine (valentine.nova)

Sayrah Parx, Aero Bigboots, and Candy Necklaces!

When was the last time YOU had a Candy Necklace!?

SLCS Cheerleaders Aero & Sayrah in the team locker room wearing floral print t-shirts and blue denim.
Top: Neve, denim: Addams Clothing & Footwear, Claire boots: Have Unequal, candy necklace: Bowtique

Ringer T

The Ringer T has a built in, and really padded, bra! 😛

Sayrah Parx and Aero Bigboots in pink t-shirts and blue, button-fly jeans.
Swear Sabrina T-shirt: Lapointe & BastChild Designs, Cuffed denim: Tres Blah, Slide sandals, ROC, Candy Bracelets: Bowtique

Sleeveless Turtle

Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) Cheerleaders at midfield in Skytower Stadium in Second Life.
Talia sleeveless turtleneck: Ison, Charlie skirt: Mossu, Canvas sneakers: ROC, Candy bracelets: Bowtique

Scoop Neck

Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) cheerleaders Aero Bigboots and Sayrah Parx in the stadium locker room wearing floral print scoop neck tops from Tres Blah.
Floral scoop neck top: Tres Blah, Becky Skirt: Apple Heart Inc., Christmas & Winter Snowflake Tights: Lumyai, Canvas sneakers: ROC, Brilliant Smile: Crest white strips.

Grey Sweater

Cheerleaders in the locker room at Skytower Stadium and wearing matching black sweater tops and denim.
Sarah sweater: Justice, Mesh Ornella High Rise Jeans: Addams, Canvas Sneakers: ROC, Candy necklace: Bowtique.

2021 Valentines

Maddy’s 2021 Valentine’s Uniform

Aero Bigboots and Sayrah Parx wearing Maddy Perennity's bright, fuchsia cheerleading uniform from Valentine's Day 2021.
Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS) 2021 Gametime Valentine’s Day/BCA Uniform: Maddy Perennity (mehllama)

Big Boots by Sayrah Parx

When I joined the squad in February 2011, Sayrah made a pair of Big Boots for me. Today we went over to Pixicat and found some clothes to wear with them!

Aero & Sayrah at Skytower Stadium. They wear matching outfits of black vests, black denim, and big white boots.
Nova Vest: Pixicat, Luna rubberized pants + belt: Addams, Big Boots: Sayrah Parx
Sayrah Parx and Aero Bigboots wearing "Big Boots" that Sayrah made for Aero when she joined SLCS.
Sayrah Parx and Aero Bigboots at the 50-yard-line of Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium wearing the “Big Boots” Sayrah made for me when I passed panels in February 2011.
Aero Bigboots and Sayrah Parx, Second Life Cheerleading Squad members dressed in black vests and posing at midfield at Srooc Skytower Memorial Stadium in the Cheertopia Region of Second Life.
Aero + Sayrah

Happy Rezday, every day, Sayrah.

Thank you for being you.

I love you.

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