Legacy ‘n Lara

Legacy ‘n Lara

Yesterday Azul dared me to go Legacy! I picked up the body today. We’ll meet soon to play with shapes. To start, I wanted to compare Lara 5.3 and Legacy 1.4 using the modified LeLUTKA Kaya shapes I have now:

  • 175 cm / 5’9”
  • 183 cm / 6’0”

Click on any image to go fullscreen. Then use arrows to scroll and compare.

In the Physical World (PW) supermodels and a tiny percentage of women look as good or better, as tall and slender or more, than these Legacy or Lara samples. Mostly though, these are pretty idealized figures. Within that context, Lara does look a little closer to normal PW. And Legacy seems a bit more curvy, idealized, and model like. The average American PW female is 163 cm tall. With these particular slider settings, even the 175 cm avatar comes off as more squat and less elegant than the 183 cm.

Thanks to Hollywood and other cultural influences, destructive things like smoking and guns are perceived as cool. Even though avatars don’t have lungs to damage, I choose not to smoke as an avatar because I don’t want to perpetuate or normalize that myth of cool. Similarly, does the eye candy of these bodies perpetuate improbable female body images?

Then again, as avatars we often have perfect skin, perfect hair, and glorious clothes. And we live in houses that never get robbed, or flooded by rain and weather. And we never get sunburned. Unless we want to!

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