Looking inside Connie Arida

Looking inside Connie Arida

SL Photographer Connie Arida, wireframe edition

Connie Arida

Back when I was a latex model at Powers of Creation (POC), boss-man Kai Heideman’s favorite photographer on the grid was Connie Arida. She was doing remarkable photography long before the current wave of photoblogging to pimp fashion sales exploded.

I was out and about today, playing with some of the data display features of SL when I happened to see Connie Arida. So, uh, here’s a “look inside” the legendary photographer.

Consciousness, like

The great mystery of consciousness research is how a giant aggregation of cells inside a skull can give rise to the experience of the painfulness of pain, or the redness of red. Or, to put it more bluntly,

How you get mind, from meat.

Perhaps it’s similar for we avatars made of pixels and wire frames. Connie Arida is a talented photographer, and also an actual human being. Or avatar-being. Or whatever we are. Yet in this photo we can look inside the wire frames that make her up. We can see the “Doux” logo that brands the polygons that represent her hair. How do so many wire models and rendered polygons make up something that at least for those of us who choose to believe… is real?

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