Dancing with Saucey

Dancing with Saucey

Dancing at a street fair in “A Town Called Short Leash” with Saucey Sinister

Saucey Sinister

OMG, I’m back! And the first person I run into? Legendary Kinky Kawaii designer Saucey Sinister in her new home at the A Town Called Short Leash business and play district.

It was sweet to see Saucey even if she did make fun of me for still wearing an ancient system avatar. Oh, alright! I’ll head out tomorrow and go mesh! For one last night I can still be, “so 2009!

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  1. When the power great of minds come together, amazing things happen. A recipe is only as good as its ingredients.…

  2. This was such a great time!!! I am so glad I was able shake my booty with all of you!