The Day My Brain Turned to Plastic

The Day My Brain Turned to Plastic

I think the reason I tend to forget stuff, sleep all day, and am generally useless, is that I have a plastic brain. This was the day I was Plastinated by the Dollification machines at The Doll Works.

The plastination process begins. It starts easy & painlessly. You just lie down in a big machine and go to sleep.
Oh, yeah, and then all these tubes come out.
And I’m pretty sure there’s an alien probe in there somewhere.
Uh, ouchy!
Oh my!
And then after dollification they put you in this Vitruvian checker to make sure that all the parts work and you’re still fully functional.
And then you’re dropped in a box ready for purchase. It was fun being a plastic doll in a box for a while. But I tend to chafe at the “obey” part. I flunked out of Doll Charm School, better known as “SLCH” (Second Life Charm Highschool). Anyway, even though I’m a doll reject, my brain is still plastic, so apologies if I don’t know stuff or am generally useless. It’s kind of an almost too on-the-nose metaphor for the avatar condition, and the human one too, don’t you think?

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