Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair

Me and my spiky hair.

Exploring Bodies

This is me, about 4 hours before I’m going to meet Clementine and get a complete avatar makeover. After this first week I don’t think I ever had spiky “System Hair” again. Of course I look “better” now. But this was fun. I didn’t really have a clue how to make a body or clothes, but I still see myself in those eyes.

The other day I was in the Maitreya shop and said hello to a zero-day avatar. She was wearing the Lara body and noodling with her appearance. I asked if it was her “first first day” or if this was a new avi for an existing user. She said that she’d had an account a year ago and was giving it another try.

It was sort of obvious that she probably wasn’t a “first first day” avatar. Who shows up on their zero-day and spends thousands of L$ on a fancy mesh body?

My body today is “prettier”. I guess I could make this old body and hair again. They’re long gone from my inventory. I probably wouldn’t wear them very often. But, why not? If you think she’s a noob who doesn’t know better, you might dismiss her. But what if she really knows what’s going on and simply chooses to look this way. Would you dare to cross her?

I’ve worn so much plastic, and other, clothing since this day. And yet here I am. Looking in the mirror again.

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