Coffee w Odia @ Lost in Pages Books & Cafe Lounge

Coffee w Odia @ Lost in Pages Books & Cafe Lounge

My daughter Odia and I metup for a late nite coffee at Anαstαsıα Fαlcor Herrerα (Anastasia Nova)’s delightful Lost in Pages Books & Cafe Lounge. We had lots to catch up on and didn’t loungify as much as we might have. Nonetheless, Anastasia’s coffee shop is a sweet spot. I’ll never understand why SL’s wonderful coffee shops are so empty. Oh well, lucky us.
Last year I met some of Odia’s friends who had just opened a new club. I was sad to learn that the club has since closed and she hasn’t see so much of the friends. Physical World or Virtual World, I guess life always happens.

Odia always seems to get taller. I always seem to get shorter. And, of course, she teased me about how awkward it is to be a grown woman and still have a mom who’s trying to be a teen goth. I trotted out the old “melanin challenged” line, but she wasn’t buying it. OK, maybe it won’t kill me to soak up a little vitamin D. I’ll work on it. (maybe).

Sweet dreams baby girl.

Lost in Pages Books & Cafe Lounge

I popped by in the morning to snap a photo of the actual shop. Just so you know, yes, there’s more than just a sofa there! Lots of cozy furniture and yummy drinks. If you can’t find love, at least you can find coffee.

Now open! Great place for photos and to hang out with friends! Bring your creative juices! I can’t wait to see what you do with the place!
Check it out here:
Please also join the Flickr group and post any photos you take there!
See you there!

Anαstαsıα Fαlcor Herrerα (Anastasia Nova)

DISCLAIMER: I am not related to Anastasia Nova and this post was not sponsored by Lost in Pages Books & Café Lounge. Odia & I did get free coffee while we were there. AFAIK, everybody gets free coffee. Anyway, it is a very sweet coffee shop. And while I’ve never met Ms. Anastasia, I have no doubt that she is a perfectly sweet person as well. And who knows, maybe we’re cousins!? It’s possible.

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