Luane’s World

Luane’s World

Welcome to Luane’s World, Le Monde Perdu.
Landscaping by LuaneMeo and Gorba McMahon

I’m not exactly rockin’ their autumn theme. But hey, September or not, it’s damn hot! Hello, Climate Change! So I’m dressing cool. Anyway, here’s how their notecard describes the place:

Autumn has finally arrived! Nature is transformed into a magnificent color chart for the wonder of your eyes. This year, Le Monde Perdu offers you varied landscapes: a pretty little Victorian village, a cultivation farm, a splendid abandoned manor on the hill… lakes, plains or dense forests rich in scenery and animals … Many different places to visit and to relax.

It’s me, checking out the adorable SL Luane’s World. Currently standing on the doorstep of a house I don’t own. Oopsy.

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