Titivate Kate!

Titivate Kate!

Do you know how it feels to be a grown woman and have your mother running around trying to be a teen goth?

C’mon mom! Get some sun! Vitamin D! It’s good for you! No one should be that pale!

Yes, I saw my daughter Odia last night. As usual I got a gentle scolding for being so pale. What’s the most important thing in the world? Easy: Odia. So, off to titivate Kate! Vitamin-D, here I come!

Odia and I met many years ago at a sim called the Doll Works. They had huge “plastination” machines that turned flesh avatars into plastic Barbie dolls. Just getting a tan has to be easier than that, right? OK, here’s my SLuber!

Yes, the Tannification Cosmetarium please!

At the Tannification Cosmetarium this creepy NPC asked me a lot of personal questions.
Then the dude made me get in this Tannification Chamber. Creepy as shit! Oh, and that’s before he turned it on!
Whoa! Nobody told me Vitamin-D was a hallucinogen!
Is this thing even doing anything? I want my L$ back!
Maybe it’s working… am I darker?
I am darker! Yay! I look like an overcooked French fry!
Party! In the hospital! Oh yeah!
I’m a French Fry! For my baby girl! Oh yeah!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

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  1. BTW, even if my complexion has a slightly undead pallor, at least I’m not freakishly tall like *some people* I know! The average American female is 5’4″ / 163 cm tall. How tall are you, dear reader?

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