Cynthia Deere

Cynthia Deere

I logged in today to learn that…

Jitters Coffee has moved!

“Jitters Coffee Shop & Waterfront” is no longer! 🙁

Jitters Coffee has a new, gorgeous rural autumn home. 🙂

Proprietor Cynthia Deere has moved Jitters from its waterfront location in the Valeyard region of the Second Life Mainland to a new, inland home in the NE corner of the Drinker region.

Kate Nova at the road that leads to the new Jitters Coffee.

At Jitters’ new home I met proprietor Cynthia Deere who was putting some finishing touches on the coffee shop décor. Deere said she loved the waterfront location, but it was time for a change. The new shop is a real celebration of autumn colors. With the same great coffee & baked goods that we knew at Jitters Waterfront. And, lucky us, the wifi is as good as the old location was.

Kate Nova enjoying coffee & baked goods in the beautiful autumn yard at the new Jitters Coffee in Second Life.
Proprietor Cynthia Deere & Kate Nova at the new home of Jitters Coffee.

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