Today’s Distraction: Yvonne Putzo

Today’s Distraction: Yvonne Putzo

I park myself at The Pink Institute to work on something… and then distract myself with all the pretty people in the square. It’s a brilliant recipe for low productivity! 🙂

Today’s distraction is Yvonne Putzo.

An extreme wasp waist like Yvonne’s would be uncomfortable and unhealthy in the physical world (PW). Fortunately for we avatars, our internal organs can be rearranged without discomfort or health consequences.

In our world the only “real” pain is mental pain. Physical pain is something we can choose to RP or not. Regardless of any challenges our typists might bear in the PW.

Thank you for being today’s wasp waisted distraction, Yvonne!

“Cute Girl” Yvonne Putzo and her amazing wasp waist in the square at The Pink Institute in Second Life.

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