Kate wears DEAD DOLL by Kiddo Oh:

  • DEAD DOLL – The Chilling Dress
  • DEAD DOLL – Josette Shoes
  • DEAD DOLL – Lych Gloves

Available at: Dead Doll/57/135/21

Shop online:

Kate Nova in DEAD DOLL The Chilling Dress, Josette Shoes & Lych Gloves

What is DEAD DOLL women’s apparel? It’s right there in the name. As cute as a doll, but also deadly. A lost little girl in a dark alley. The next ruler of the kingdom.

The girl who wears DEAD DOLL has the courage to be vulnerable and the strength to take care of herself. She’s Rhaenyra, Hermione, and Paloma. She always looks impeccable; she’s never afraid to get her hands dirty.

There are a million shops on the grid where you can buy clothes to hang on your body. At DEAD DOLL you’ll find clothes that define your identity. Clothes as vibrant and alive as you are. At home in the bright lights, or the dark world.

Are you DOLL enough?

Lace collar on The Chilling Dress. The softer side of steel.
DEAD DOLL Lych Gloves available in 12 lace colors & 12 leather color. Kate wears white lace.
DEAD DOLL, where else?
Kate wears DEAD DOLL Josette Shoes. Available for Maitreya & Legacy in 6 shoe colors & 16 sock colors.
DEAD DOLL. How alive are you?

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