Rufus @ Country Sisters

Rufus @ Country Sisters

Country Sisters: Country Rock & Mix Club, Est. 2014

Rufus Scamper and Meg Morningstar dancing at Country Sisters in the real metaverse, Second Life.

A great place to hang out and make new friends. Live DJ streaming great music which includes Country, Classic Rock & Dance favorites, past & present. Bikes/Car Race Track, Contests & Giveaways. Since 2014. Kids Welcome. Rental Cabins!!

Parcel Details
Meg Morningstar & Rufus Scamper dancing at Country Sisters in Second Life.

I guess the description was right. I came and danced for a while and met Rufus Scamper, really a nice guy. We danced and talked and had a good morning.

We’re wearing party hats because it was the DJ’s wife’s birthday! Woo!

I like the country they play. While I was there it was more metal/hard rock that I’m not that crazy about. I love contemporary techno/trance at places like Peak Lounge or Nuit. I could get into the country at Country Sisters though. Especially with someone nice like Rufus to dance with. When they play the harder rock stuff I’d prefer to dance at another spot. But that’s just me. There’s a lot of metal and hard rock in SL, so it must speak to a lot of peeps.

Rufus Scamper & Meg Morningstar dancing at Country Sisters in Second Life.

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