Loni, Sempervirens, Crashy, Rachel & Julia @CMNF Lounge

Loni, Sempervirens, Crashy, Rachel & Julia @CMNF Lounge

I went by the CMNF Lounge to dance and hang out. The place is full of turkeys! It’s like a “Thanksgiving Turkey Advent Calendar!” Loni carved one up for us with a chainsaw, but gave Julia a flesh wound in the process!

Meg Morningstar, Loni Greenheart, Sempervirens Oddfellow, Crashy McCrashface & Eww It’s Rachel™ (rachel78hifi) dancing at the CMNF Lounge in the real metaverse, Second Life.

CMNF Lounge

Since 2011. Exhibitionism, soft CMNF, CFNF with all stages of female nudity. Ladies’ choice, causal hangout, flirty & fun. Local chat preferred. Yes, we know we’re different. It’s intentional 🙂
Ask a lady politely to take off something she’s wearing!

CMNF Lounge, Parcel Details
We were getting hungry from so much dancing so Loni got out her chain saw and carved up a turkey for us.
In her turkey carving enthusiasm Loni grazed Julia Ravenhurst! Fortunately, it was only a flesh wound!
And then there was fresh turkey drumsticks for everyone!! 😀

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