Today’s Black Bra is a Scarf!

Today’s Black Bra is a Scarf!

Spark Project’s latest event “The Deep Woods” opens in an hour. 2 days and 20 DJ’s in The Deep Woods!

Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
A New Festival by Spark Project*
November 5th & 6th
2 days, over 20 talented DJs,
and a venue inspired by the tales of old.
Coming to you once a quarter, Spark Project is a new festival built on a curated idea celebrating music, art and fashion.

Spark Project

Spark Project: The Deep Woods

Kate Wears

I bought my 11th Erratic black bra and 17th overall. I was about to say 1 for every year of SLife. But on my December rezday I’ll only be turning 14! 😛 I’ve already passed that fake milestone. Maybe I should go for my PW age of 999! Then I can collect lots more!

This time it’s actually a scarf, cause, why not? “Daphne” is another arresting creation from Erratic Rain.

Kate Nova at The Spark Project’s “The Deep Woods” in the real metaverse, Second Life.

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