Black Bra #18: Avec Toi, Brigit Latex

Black Bra #18: Avec Toi, Brigit Latex

OMG, I got a new black bra today! The Brigit Latex bra from Avec Toi. I took these photos at Mimas Station, the base on Saturn’s prime moon.

Mimas Station

Small space station. Gay, Bi, cages, Master, Slave, Latex, Rubber, Bondage, bois, boys, statues, nanite, male, cage

Parcel Details

Avec Toi, Brigit Latex

Kate Wears:

AVEC TOI’s designs are elegant and sexy, unpredictable and unique. With a hint of fetish erotica we bring to the surface the everyday sensuality. We are known for our skin-tight and glossy latex but we are constantly challenged to try new materials such as leather and lace.
Our mission with AVEC TOI is to create hight-quality couture and exceptional timeless designs (whilst rebelling against the ordinary). This is the designing adventure of a Creative Advertiser & Designer.
All our products are original, unique and exclusive 3D mesh designs.
Unleash yourself, transform your body, identity and mind with AVEC TOI.

Avec Toi, Flickr Profile
Creepy Borg-lady sculpture on Mimas Station.
Projection of planetary defense system.
Moon base workers need entertainment too. And I am an excellent dancer!
OK, maybe not such an excellent dancer. The station overlords had me reprogrammed!
In the turbo-lift heading to my new station.

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