Valarie Thor

Valarie Thor

This morning I was collecting vintage 2009 pix of my interview with Honey Puddles to resurrect here at I logged into SL to look up some info. Of course I TP’d to The Pink Institute and plopped my pixels down in a glorious pink & gold Baroque Roche Chair by Precious Restless. After a while an IM came in:
[07:37] Valarie Thor: hey there – lovely look today – hope your weekend is treating you well so far.
We had a nice conversation. Then I finally decided to look up from my self-absorption and see who I was talking to…
After I finished drooling, I picked my butt, and the rest of my pixels, up off the chair and sauntered over to where Valarie was standing.
Valarie has a shop, Appliers by Valarie, “ABV”. She has this cool process combining BOM + Appliers. The outfit (current prototype) you see her wearing is all BOM. But then she adds SL Materials effects with an Applier and BOM-BAM-WOW! Besides looking awesome, what I love about this is that she’s able to make something beautiful without having to go to “Overseas Manufacturing” in Blender or Maya. If you aren’t already a 3D modeler I think it takes about a full-time year to get up to speed on modeling, texturing, rigging, etc etc. Mesh has taken SL creation and apparel to a new level. But the cost is that instead of everybody being a maker, now only a skilled few are. That Valarie can make something contemporary and awesome with only SL+Photoshop is so cool. And the results! Hang on while a get a towel to wipe up the drool.
Not that I noticed, because I totally did not, but Valarie has the perfect lips.
Valarie and I had a nice conversation about her work and SL generations and whatever else. After we parted I went home and what should be waiting on my doorstep but a package from Appliers by Valarie! What could be inside??? I had to fight off the cats to grab Valarie’s package and take it in the house. I can’t wait to see what’s in the box! You will have to wait till tomorrow!

Valarie Thor

Owner / Creator @ Appliers By Valarie, specializing in materials-enabled latex/rubber clothing.

Chances are, I’m wearing something shiny, if my clothes look bland and dull, check your graphics settings 🙂

Also, if I don’t respond to your IM, I’m probably AFK, or working on the other monitor / window, etc. Additionally, I’m generally friendly and happy to talk, etc.… please see picks ♥


All photos @ The Pink Institute, except the last photo @ Luane’s World:

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