Shakira Wind

Shakira Wind

Wandering across the grid I came across this tiny patch of grass in memory of Shakira Wind. There were pictures of her, a candle, and a dance ball. I don’t know when she passed, and I’d never met her. Just a beautiful, sublime, bittersweet memorial for an SL/PW life that was lived. I clicked the dance ball and dance with her memories for a while.

Our sweet Shakira,

Shakira, an angel so sweet, tender, and full of love. Departs the earth, but not our hearts. She filled our lives with youthful joy and ambition, a dreamer of dreamers. We will miss you, but our hearts will always be touched by you.

With love,

Your friends and SL family

Notecard inside the Shakira Wind Memory Box
On the dresser were copies of the “Shakira Wind Memory Box” for visitors to take. Inside were all the pieces in the installation: the candle, the dance ball, all of it. You could always set up your own Shakira Wind memorial anywhere. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever come across in SL. Also the first box with a working hinge I’d seen in SL.

LIKE A DOVE – by Carlos Kirshner a.k.a. A7

Like a dove,
we fly far away,
letting us go higher and lower,
through the rain,
through the pain,

The dove kept on,
as it left behind a piece of itself,
through every place it passed,
through the valleys and the mountains,
through the pain,
through the happiness.

The dove kept on moving and pushing,
showing the world the beauty that is,
showing postivity in the light,
even in darkness,
a light still shines bright.

The dove fought and fought,
holding the paintbrush of expression,
painting poetic colors showing divity and compassion,
as it showed the ways of love,
as it showed the ways of happiness.

The dove rests,
now asleep,
its message comes to a close,
showing that love and truth let it be told,

A dove is down,
but it still flies,
as we close our eyes,
we feel its love forevermore.

And in the hearts of men and women alike,
the dove still flies and will never die,
touching the hearts of those that try.

The dove flies.


Dancing with Shakira Wind and her memories. With my multi-color long hair and little thigh-high latex boots, natch.

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