The World in a day with Lynn Seriman

The World in a day with Lynn Seriman

Another 8-hour marathon with Lynn. I think we visited every region in SL!

4:40 pm – Lynn took me to a fireworks show
6:07 pm – Lynn took me to SL’s main server room!
6:13 pm – We rode a dragonfly
6:18 pm – and stared into each other’s eyes
6:58 pm – More fireworks!
7:15 pm – I took Lynn to an installation called The Pencil Works. By touching the different cubes you could add or subtract sounds to a techno beats mix.
8:02 pm – Floating together
8:16 pm – I think we’re inside a shipping container
8:26 pm – sitting by a stream
8:41 pm – we went to a resort spa and Lynn gave me a bath
9:21 pm – and she kissed me
11:07 pm – and she kissed me
11:12 pm – and she tied me up
12:03 am – Lynn Seriman & Kate Nova having a spa day.
12:15 am – and then we wound up in some semi-submerged Greek temple! We cuddled for a while and kissed goodnight.

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