Lia Duffield-Warblood, Cheerleader & Pro-Wrestler!

Lia Duffield-Warblood, Cheerleader & Pro-Wrestler!

My Cheer Sister Lia Duffield-Warblood (opheliaautumn) had a tag-team wrestling match at Fusion Pro Wrestling today. I went down to cheer her on.

The loser of the match before Lia’s went out on a stretcher! Ouchy! 🙁
Aero Bigboots, Bee (Becky Boo) and Bee’s demodog Dart, at Fusion Pro Wrestling.

Waiting for Lia’s match I chatted with Bee (Becky Boo) co-owner/founder with Stuart of Fusion Pro Wrestling.

FPW was in discussion on Oct 2020 – and had its first live show in March 2021, but myself and Stuart have been in SL wrestling since 2010! The inspiration was from being RL wrestling fans, and adding our own twists to it here and there! The one thing I wanted to make sure was that it’s a British based fed, as the other wrestling feds in SL are based in America or Japan, so I wanted us to be unique, and with both myself and Stu being British, it made the most sense!

Bee (Becky Boo)

Lia & Karma vs Moma-T & Sue

Lia sends Sue Plex flying with a huge kick!
Sue Plex strikes back!
OMG! Lia bitch-slaps Sue!
Lia & Karma teach Moma-T the meaning of pain!
Oh no! Moma-T body slams Lia and then Sue crushes her with a flying leap!
Nooooo! Moma-T pins Lia for the count!

It seemed like Lia & Karma were on top for most of the match. But Moma-T & Sue turned it around with the body slam & flying leap. Good match everyone! Great effort Lia & Karma!

Sue Plex celebrates their victory.

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