Dancing with Karisma at Club D-Block

Dancing with Karisma at Club D-Block

Karisma and Meg dancing in the blue glow of a dark dance club set in an abandoned prison complex.
Karisma and Meg dancing at Club D-Block

Karisma Adamski (nylonboi)

Karisma came and met me at the coffee shop. She baked chocolate chip cookies while I changed baby diapers. OMG, Karisma is such a great baker! Mmm-mmm-mmm! Baby Earth didn’t want a cookie, but Baby Andromeda ate two!

For being such a good baker, or for being bad… I mean good… I mean bad… Karisma and I had to go to prison! To Dance Prison, of course! We checked out Club D-Block.

Club D-Block

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  1. When the power great of minds come together, amazing things happen. A recipe is only as good as its ingredients.…

  2. This was such a great time!!! I am so glad I was able shake my booty with all of you!