Dancing with Karisma at Almost Live Karaoke

Dancing with Karisma at Almost Live Karaoke

Karisma in white and Meg in black dance close at the Almost Live Karaoke event in Second Life
Dancing with Karisma at Almost Live Karaoke

Karisma Adamski (nylonboi)

I was bopping around the grid and stumbled onto a fantastic event I hadn’t seen in SL before: “Almost Live Karaoke”. It’s just what it says, Karaoke night in SL! How cool! I’ve seen DJ’s and singers before, but always 1 person doing a set for an hour or more. Here anyone who wants to sing takes turns over several rounds. The “almost live” part is that they have to record their song in advance and send their tracks to the host. Then they come up on stage and, essentially, lip sync to their own recording! 😀

Karisma came by to join me. We danced for a long time. I think Karisma almost cried when one of the karaoke singers performed John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Karisma “sang” or “local chatted” along with the song.


Winterland @ Adagio Gardens

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