Visiting with Lynn Seriman

Visiting with Lynn Seriman

Lynn took me shopping. Then I took her to a couple of interesting art installations. Then some more shopping. Another 4 hours with Lynn vanished in the blink of an eye. I don’t recall what time zone she was in, maybe it was even worse for her, but this was late nights for me.

12:33 am – Lynn & I sitting on a cube at the “Babel Shouts” art installation. An elegant piece where the cubes floated around and each carried the faint murmur of a human like voice chanting.
1:20 am – This is my favorite picture with Lynn ever! Looking over the shoulders of two young avatars as they gaze off into the distance with their whole avatar lives ahead of them. We sat on that cube for 2 hours. Just talking. And being.

Correction: also my favorite SL picture ever.

2:36 am – I eventually dragged Lynn to another art installation. This one, also gone, had numerous organic-ish animated things in a park setting. Here we’re in the middle of a giant flower.
3:33 am – Lynn Seriman & Kate Nova shopping again.

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