Pedestal Pow-Wow

Pedestal Pow-Wow

Each model or “mannequin” pedestal at POC has one pose ball. When a model steps on it, it rotates slowly through various model poses to show off all the pretty latex outfits. But sometimes we’d jump on other peeps pedestals to visit or be silly. Here’s Charly, Me & Fari. I can’t tell who’s jumping on whose pedestal.

Charly, on the left, in black lace-up POC latex wears latex heels called “The Fari”. Fari is the only model I knew while I worked there that had something named after her. Earlier models, like Lia Johin had latex suits named after them, but Lia left POC before I started.

Charly December, Kate Nova & The Fari. Fari (R) is wearing a pair of Bax Boots, I (Center) have some steampunk heels on, and Charly (L) is wearing a pair of POC latex shoes called “The Fari”.

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